Christine is the Senior Vice President of the Labor/Employment/Elections Division and also supervises the Consumer and Pro Se Divisions of the American Arbitration Association. Christine also has supervisory responsibility for the Educational Services, Panel Relations and Publications department. The Minnesota No-Fault caseload is also supervised by Christine.

Christine has been in the position of Senior Vice President at the AAA since 2001. She has been employed at the AAA since 1980 and has held various positions at the AAA including Supervisor, Regional Director and Vice President.

She is a member of the National Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA) and serves on the board of the LERA Maine Chapter. She is a member of LERA in Connecticut and Massachusetts as well. Christine is a member of the New England Chapter of Conflict Resolution and the American Bar Association Labor and Employment Section.

Christine works with three national councils of the AAA which include the AAA Arbitrator Council Committee, AAA Labor/Management Council Committee and the AAA Employment Council Committee.

Christine participates in many educational programs, discussing the services of the AAA with specific emphasis on employment, labor and election services. In addition, she assists with the design and presentation of arbitrator educational training events done by the AAA. Christine is a member of the Massachusetts Cultural Council and is a Treasurer for her local community group Middleton Cultural Council. She also serves as Chairperson of St. Richard Parish Council and assists with charitable outreach in her community.

Christine is a graduate of Fairfield University in Connecticut.